[Samba] LDAP push replication through firewall

Daniel Tamm daniel.tamm at biomil.se
Fri Sep 12 01:22:06 MDT 2014

I have 3 Samba PDC servers with OpenLDAP backends, all at different
locations. The replication to the 2 consumers works fine when the
consumer's slapd is recently restarted, but if changes in the LDAP
database occur later on, the consumers do not pick up this update.
Again, restarting slapd on the consumers pulls in the update. Also,
updates done shortly afterwards (say a couple of minutes) will propagate
to the consumers.

So my question is if this can be firewall related, and what ports need
to be opened on which side in order to allow the propagation to work
By the way, all LDAP traffic uses Start-TLS.


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