[Samba] Joining Domain

Andre Kruger Andre.Kruger at TRW.COM
Thu Sep 11 07:41:37 MDT 2014

The builtin ldap server, builtin where, Samba? Do you mean there is an ldap server that ships with Samba and that is what is used?

I don't have any ldap server running on my OI machine that I am using for Samba. 

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On 11/09/14 13:16, Andre Kruger wrote:
> I have been speaking to people on the OpenIndiana mailing list and we have determined that my Samba installation, both from the package repo and from source, is not using openldap even though I have it installed on my system. They are both using the SunOS ldap libraries.
> Is it possible to specify to Samba to rather use the openldap libraries I have install. I had a look and the --with-ldap option that you can pass to the configure script cannot take an argument e.g. "--with-ldap=/usr/lib/openldap/bin" where the openldap library files are located. Is there another way to specify the location? Either to the configure script or perhaps afterwards in smb.conf?
> Regards
> André
Hi, sorry, but at the moment you cannot use ldap, you have to use the builtin ldap server, if you run 'samba-tools  domain provision --help' , you will find (amongst everything else) this:

                         Test initialisation support for unsupported LDAP
                         backend type (fedora-ds or openldap) DO NOT USE

If you have the ldap server running at the same time (and haven't changed anything) then they will both be trying to use port 389, not a good idea ;-)

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