[Samba] Strange DNS issue...

Rowland Penny rowlandpenny at googlemail.com
Thu Sep 11 06:02:42 MDT 2014

On 11/09/14 12:21, Roberto Suárez Soto wrote:
> El 11/09/14 a las #4, Ryan Ashley escribió:
>> My static zones are fine (172.16.0, 172.16.1, and 172.16.3) but the 
>> one DHCP serves (172.16.2) does not create any PTR records when the 
>> workstations (Windows) request and receive an IP address. Is there 
>> anything special I need to do here? Both the reverse zones and the 
>> forward zone have the same permissions according to the Windows DNS 
>> snap-in.
>     Excuse me if I'm missing something, because I've only barely read 
> your previous mails: are you trying to update from isc-dhcp-server the 
> reverse zones hosted by Samba4? Because if so, I think it's not easily 
> done. Updates need to be kerberos-signed, and isc-dhcp-server can't do 
> that on its own.
Yes, I think you are right, the dhcp server cannot do it on its own, but 
once you understand that, it is easy to get the dhcp server to run a 
script to do the updates.

What I thinks is happening is, dhcp gives the machine an ipaddress and 
then tries to update samba4 and fails, the windows machine then tries to 
update samba4, it succeeds with the forward zone but doesn't even try to 
update the reverse, but to prove just what is going on, we will need to 
see the logs.


>     Regards,

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