[Samba] winbind vs. ldapd + kerberos

Lars Hanke debian at lhanke.de
Wed Sep 10 13:18:55 MDT 2014

I'm going to make samba4 replace my old Kerberos + LDAP setup hoping for 
a seamless integration of Win clients. I focused on winbind for the 
Linux clients so far, but recent reading simply opened my mind for other 
solutions, in particular kerberized nslcd as e.g. proposed in Steve's 
s4bind. As it seems I could even stick with libnss_ldap + Kerberos ;).

Is there anyone who can briefly summarize the pros and cons for using 
winbind as compared to some more POSIX solution, i.e. nss-ldapd/nslcd, 
for client workstations?

Thanks for your time,
  - lars.

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