[Samba] advice : samba cups and point and print ( hardware needed )

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Wed Sep 10 04:38:12 MDT 2014

it's a bit offtopic here, but its a good place to ask.. 
I'm looking for some new printer hardware and i was thinking lets ask the samba people.. 

I'm just a bit wondering which brand and models of printers do you all use. 
I'm using samba with cups with point and print setup. 
I only use windows drivers ( no ppd's ) .
now im having for example some HP 4345MFP printers running and i need some extra ( and maybe bigger ) printer. 
so what do you all use for printer hardware ( in a setup like above ) 
im open for any advice.. 
i know for example that : 
- Xerox hardware with the latest printer drivers does not work in above setup. 
- HP hardware with the latest printer driver (globa) do work ok ( after disableing the snmp communication in the printer driver ) 
so please fill this in ... this wil make it much easier for lots of people then to choose.. 
and this way we force the big companies to also tink samba when developing printer drivers. ... 

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