[Samba] pam|nss+winbind - Logged users doesn't see its own secondary groups

Martinx - ジェームズ thiagocmartinsc at gmail.com
Mon Sep 8 17:09:19 MDT 2014


I'm seeing a strange problem, look:

tmartins at station-1:~$ whoami

tmartins at station-1:~$ id
uid=10002(tmartins) gid=10001(domain users) groups=10001(domain users)

tmartins at statoin-1:~$ id tmartins
uid=10002(tmartins) gid=10001(domain users) groups=10001(domain

Why the command "id" , *alone*, doesn't show my secondary groups?!

This `station-1` is a Kubuntu, I joined it in my Samba4 AD DC domain
without any problems (pam/nss winbind configured okay, `getent passwd`
works, `getent group` doesn't - but I can `chown :"domain users"`
/srv/files` without problems)...

I can login from any tty and from KDM... But, where my groups?!

I'm seeing this behavior on Ubuntu desktops and also, on Ubuntu servers...

Am I missing something?!

Tks in advance!


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