[Samba] Degraded functional levels after Samba join

Craig Cigas craig at cigasmachine.com
Mon Sep 8 16:26:13 MDT 2014

I have multiple Win2k3 R2 servers and one Samba4 (Version 4.1.6-Ubuntu) additional dc. Active Directory Domains and Trusts is reporting this. 
  To update the domain functional level, the domain controllers in the domain must be running the appropriate version of windows.

  Domain Name

  Current domain functional level
  Windows 2000 native

  The following domain controllers are running earlier versions of windows:
  Domain Name    Domain Controller    Version of Windows
  cmi.net    C051ADC02.wuteveh.local     Unknown. The computer object may be damaged or missing.
Before the Samba4 dc joined I had the option of raising the domain and forest levels, now I don’t. Can someone help me understand why the Samba function level isn’t being reported correctly? 

Near as I can tell everything else on the Samba side is working great. Should I have raised the function level prior to joining the Samba box?

Thanks, Craig

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