[Samba] Samaba4 clustering

Greg Scott GregScott at infrasupport.com
Mon Sep 8 14:27:48 MDT 2014

> Why don't you join a second DC to the domain? If one fails, the others does the job. And while both are online, both are answering login queries, etc.
> I'm not a Windows admin, but I guess this is the usual way for having redundance for DC.

Ya know - if there were some way for Samba to present a virtual IP Address that belongs to all members of a cluster, Samba may gain a functional advantage over a pure Windows solution.  In the Windows domain model, you have one or more domain controllers.  Clients use DNS SRV records to "mate" with a domain controller.  If my client PC mates with a domain controller for authentication and Kerberos tickets and that domain controller goes offline, I wait a long time before I go look for another domain controller in DNS.  But the end user only notices everything runs slowly with no clue why.  

So if there were a way for more than one Samba host to share a common database and advertise a virtual IP, then Samba could do redundancy better than Windows does redundancy.  

Or you could also do a Samba DC in a RHEV or VMWare virtual environment, so then the virtualization layer would take care of all the HA requirements.

- Greg

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