[Samba] diconnections when using roaming-profiles with samba4

bugblatterbeast samba at bugblatterbeast.de
Fri Sep 5 14:15:28 MDT 2014

Thank you rowland. Your absolutely right of course! I meant dhcpd.conf
from the beginning. I don't know why I was thinking of bind.

Thank you for correcting me here, bind worked fine in the first place
and has of course nothing to do with dhcp-negotiations.

To put it right: We are using our domain-controller as dhcp-server as
well. That caused problems because of the short lease-time that was set
by default. Changing /etc/dhcp/dhcpd.conf solved this problem! Sorry for
that confusion.

Nice regards, bbb

Am 05.09.2014 21:19, schrieb Rowland Penny:
> On 05/09/14 20:04, bugblatterbeast wrote:
>> Hello Chan Min Wai,
>> feel free to ask, if you need more information.
>> Our problem was, that our workstations lost their network-connection for
>> a few seconds at irregular intervals. This did not happen simultaneously
>> and some workstations were more affected than others. At first I thought
>> the problem was related to samba. It was almost unnoticeable, when you
>> were working on a local account but it was sometimes quite annoying when
>> you were using a roaming profile, since windows doesn't react very well
>> on those short interrupts.
>> It took me quite some time and effort to relate it to dhcp-delays. I
>> never bothered to change the default-values of bind and I was quite
>> surprised, to find this in the /etc/named.conf file:
>> default-lease-time 600;
>> max-lease-time 7200;
> Hi, shouldn't those lines be in dhcpd.conf ?
> Just how have you setup bind9 & DHCP ?
> Rowland

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