[Samba] Can we change the IP number of the Samba4 AD system?

Arun Khan knura9 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 5 03:14:33 MDT 2014


I am experiencing a major problem at a client site.   For proof of
concept (PoC), I setup a Samba4 AD (Zentyal 3.2) and I was able to
demo all client systems joining it  use it for user auth, file system
uid:gid map etc. successfully.

The PoC was on a network with IP number

I changed the IP number ( to bring the SMB4 AD  into network for
migration to production.

Windows + Linux clients are able to join. No issues with uid:gid maps
and network shares.

MAC clients are able to join the AD. When a SMB4/AD user logins, the
user gets an error messages home directory in  /Users/  not found and
get thrown to the / folder.   Also, the user UID:GID map is all
mangled up.

I have searched high and low but been able to find a solution.    I am
wondering if the change in IP number has any bearing on the problem.

I would appreciate a pointers or hint as to what could be going wrong.

Thanks for your help.

-- Arun Khan

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