[Samba] diconnections when using roaming-profiles with samba4

bugblatterbeast samba at bugblatterbeast.de
Thu Sep 4 11:26:54 MDT 2014


     this message is just FYI. We're using samba4 with bind9 on 
ubuntu-server-edition with roaming-profiles. We had to deal with 
unpredictable disconnections, that were most noticeable by the sudden 
dissapearance of all desktop-icons and often also led to the loss of 
edited data. The problem turned out, to be caused by 
dhcp-negotiation-delays due to heavy network traffic. Perhaps this is 
already common knowledge, but I'd recommend anybody to try increasing 
bind's default lease-time if facing the same problem. The default value 
of 10 minutes is quite short. We were able to get rid of the problem by 
setting it to 12 hours.

Nice regards, bbb

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