[Samba] Effect of setting "store dos attributes = no" in Samba 4.1.11

Andrew Walker walker.aj325 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 3 07:53:03 MDT 2014

Thanks for your help and replies. Yes, I meant "store dos attributes".

It's pretty clear now that I need to keep the parameter 'store dos
attributes=no' since

1) the server is an AD member server and

2) the map* parameters don't do the right thing under ZFS / NFSV4 ACLs.

I've read that the steps Klaus Hartnegg listed resolves the issue on ZFS on
Linux; however, I don't believe that SA based xattrs have been implemented
in ZFS on FreeBSD (the OpenZFS website has "??" next to FreeBSD). Atime is
already disabled on the zpool.

At this point I'll have to wait until I get a proper testing environment
set up to do proper experimentation /  troubleshooting.

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Let's assume that the original poster meant "store dos attributes" and
wants to use Windows-ACLs.


zfs set xattr=sa $pool

zfs set atime=off $pool

And if you have ZFS version 0.6.3 try

zfs set acltype=posixacl $pool

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