[Samba] time sync for windows workstations

mourik jan heupink - merit heupink at merit.unu.edu
Wed Sep 3 05:13:36 MDT 2014

Hi Stefan,

Thanks, I had not yet read that, but it tells me the same that I read on 
different places:

"Per default, Windows clients in an Active Directory, automatically 
synchronize their time with the DC, owning the „PDC“ role. If you don't 
want to use a different source, configure fallback time server, etc. you 
don't have to take action."

I have three DC's, all synced to NTP (and they all display the same 
result for "date"), pdc role is owned by DC2.

However... the time on the workstations is a minute off. So, even though 
they are supposed to sync automatically, we don't see it happening...

Are we alone with this, does it work in your networks..? (because then 
specifically we seem to have a problem)


On 9/3/2014 13:04, Stefan Schäfer wrote:
> Am 03.09.2014 12:51, schrieb mourik jan heupink - merit:
>> Hi all,
>> On our DC's we use ntp to keep time synced. I've googled a bit on AD
>> and time sync on workstations, and it seems they are supposed to sync
>> their time with the time on the DC.
>> I see however that in our network, this is not occuring: there is a
>> minute time difference between the dc's and my workstation.
>> Is this something that samba has not yet implemented, or is there
>> something else wrong here? What are you observing in your networks?
>> Regards,
>> MJ
> Have a look at the samba wiki:
> http://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Samba_AD_DC_HOWTO#Configure_NTP
> Regards
> Stefan

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