[Samba] Newer clients and security=domain

Markus Carlstedt mc at samurajdata.se
Wed Sep 3 01:26:16 MDT 2014

Hello everybody, I have not found any answers on this issue on the
internet and figured I'd try to send a mail to this list.

We have an issue with Windows 7 and 8.1-computers (and also very new
Mac's) that cannot login to one of our Samba servers. The server is a
part of a domain and has security=domain set.
The clients are not part of the domain.

It seems like the newer clients send the servername as domain and the
server therefore only looks in its own user database instead of the
The clients can login to the domain controller (also Samba) without any

Is there a way to make Samba force all local authentications to be done
against the domain instead its own (empty) database?

The workaround is to always add the domain when logging in to this

On Mac, when connecting:

On PC, when asked for username:

 / Markus Carlstedt

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