[Samba] Effect of setting "support dos attributes = no" in Samba 4.1.11

John Hixson john at ixsystems.com
Tue Sep 2 09:12:33 MDT 2014

Hi Andrew,

On Tue, Sep 02, 2014 at 09:48:31AM -0500, Andrew Walker wrote:
> I have FreeNAS [FreeBSD 9.2-RELEASE-p10  and samba 4.1.11]
> configured as an AD member server in a 2008R2 domain.
> Browsing directories in samba is slow (30+ second lag between opening a
> folder in Windows Explorer and the files inside the folder appearing).
> The default smb4.conf contains the following parameters which are not
> defaults in the smb4.conf manpage:
>     ea support = yes
>     store dos attributes = yes

I don't recall specifics, but the reason these are both set to yes is
because of the way "store dos attributes" correlates to the "map (archive|hidden|readonly|system)".

Since FreeNAS uses ZFS and uses NFSv4 ACLs, the map* paramters do not do
the right thing.

- John

> Setting "store dos attributes = no" causes directories to load instantly.
> I've only done limited testing as I haven't set up a proper test
> environment (I don't want to experiment on servers in production).
> The FreeNAS wiki states that the parameter "allows a user who has write
> access to a file to modify the permissions, even if not the owner of the
> file", which is something I want.
> The manpage for smb.conf states "If this parameter is set Samba attempts to
> first read DOS attributes from a filesystem extended attribute before
> mapping DOS attributes to UNIX permission bits...".
> The release errata on the FreeNAS site indicates that "support dos
> attributes" has been deprecated in Samba 4. Posts on the FreeNAS forum are
> inconsistent regarding the effect of setting this parameter to 'no' and
> therefore I am posting the question here.
> What effect (if any) does setting "support dos attributes = no" have?
> What are the use cases for setting it to "yes"?
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