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Fri Oct 31 05:56:04 MDT 2014

On 31/10/14 11:34, David Nolan wrote:
> On 31/10/14 12:16, David Nolan wrote:
>> I don't understand the questions.
>> The programs are running on the UNIX box.   They reside in a folder called
>> '/mega/appl/unisop2.1/s28alf'.
>> The program creates and xml file in a folder on UNIX then calls
>> smbclient to 'put' the file into a windows share.
>> With the guest account in windows enabled it works fine.
>> With the guest account in windows disabled, it fails.
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>> On 31/10/14 11:50, David Nolan wrote:
>>> This is not a manual process, it is a running process which happens
>>> 1000 times a day.
>>> The process must use the 'guest' account on windows to do the transfer.
>>> What I need to do is disable the 'guest' account on windows.   When I do
>> the
>>> transfer fails.
>>> I need to be able to specify a different account to be used instead
>>> of 'guest'.
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>>> On 31/10/14 09:50, David Nolan wrote:
>>>> I have some programs which call SMBCLIENT to 'put' files onto a
>>>> Windows share.
>>> Hi
>>> Where are the programs? What are the programs? If it's as simple as
>>> ssh-ing into the sco box with the command it shoud be easy. But we're
>>> guessing unless you can tell us or give us examples of how you reach
>>> the
>> domain.
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>> Hi
>> Please answer the question and then send to the list.
>> Cheers,
>> Steve
> Hi
> The list. Please post to the list, not to me!
> Thanks.
This may be a bit more complex than what you think, It could be that 
your samba2 box is trying to talk to your windows 2008 box in a 
'dialect' that it does not understand. I think that you need to raise 
the log level in smb.conf and then see if you get anything that can 
point you in the direction of the problem.

I personally have never heard of the MEGA programming language, is it 
available for a more recent OS ??


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