[Samba] roaming profile does not ­work for "Domain Admins"

steve steve at steve-ss.com
Fri Oct 31 04:58:12 MDT 2014

On 31/10/14 11:50, ?icro MEGAS wrote:
>> Why do admins think they can enter people's private areas? It's nothing
>> to do with you. You are merely there to make sure the computers work. So
>> do just that. You do not dictate what others put in their profile. Just
>> leave your users alone. When they have a problem they will tell you.
>> Otherwise stay out.
>> Jo
> I know that my english is not very well as it's not my native language, but
> I think I have described very clear my issue. I never talked or asked
> about to allow an admin enter the users roaming profile! My issue is that
> roaming profiles are not saved for members of "Domain Admins". Please read
> through the posting again.
> Mirco
Hi Micro
We may have misunderstood so please forgive us. Maybe our problem is 
that we cannot understand when an administrator would need a roaming 

The main thing is that you now have what you want, So this is very much 
our curiosity. We have visions of admin unable to work unless he has a 
picture of Real Madrid as his wallpaper!

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