[Samba] roaming profile does ­not ­work for "Domain Adm­ins"

Marc Muehlfeld mmuehlfeld at samba.org
Thu Oct 30 16:48:55 MDT 2014

Hello Mirco,

Am 30.10.2014 um 23:25 schrieb ?icro MEGAS:
> I create a new user "test1" and assign the correct profile
> directory to that user (\\membersrv\profiles\test1).
> I add this user also to the "MYDOM\Domain Admins" group.
> On the windows client I login for the first time with
> "test1" user and I watch the content of the linux
> filesystem on my member server. As soon as "test1" is
> logged in on the client, a directory
> membersrv:/srv/samba/profiles/test1 is created with
> the appropriate mode and owner+group.
> Until here everything is fine, but as soon as user
> "test1" logs off, *NO DATA IS WRITTEN* into its
> roaming profile directory.

Sorry. I _can't_ confirm this. I tried this exactly on my 4.1.13 test

After the first login the profile directory is created and if the
account loggs off, the profile is uploaded in there. And I made sure,
that this account has Domain Admin permissions. I also used this account
to add an additional account.

My test environment is setup exactly like described in
(with Windows ACLs). No additional stuff is done like other ACLs, etc.
It's 100% like documented there and works.

What are the differences between the HowTo and your setup? And what
Samba version are you running?


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