[Samba] Dead DC change?

Ryan Ashley ryana at reachtechfp.com
Thu Oct 30 13:18:23 MDT 2014

It finally happened, a DC is down and I am trying to figure out what to 
do now. The LSI RAID card is dead (it actually caught fire briefly) and 
I obviously cannot boot the system until the replacement arrives. I do 
have a second Samba DC on the domain, but what I am seeing is that it 
runs like Server 2000 for some reason. It is acting like a backup DC, 
not a normal DC like 2008 and 2003. I know that in the Windows world all 
DCs have the global catalog and if one dies, no big deal. Now I am 
experiencing insanely long startup times on workstations and long logon 
times, as well as a few DNS issues.

So, is this the old "PDC/BDC" setup? If so, how can I get past 2000 and 
make my domains a normal one after the other server comes back up? In 
the meantime, how can I get my domain running until the other server 
comes back up?

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