[Samba] idmap weirdness - wildcard values being used instead of rfc2307 AD values

Peter Serbe peter at serbe.ch
Thu Oct 30 06:20:02 MDT 2014

Doug Meredith schrieb am 30.10.2014 12:29:

> "getent passwd doug" returns:
> doug:*:70003:70005:Doug Meredith:/home/DSTRC/doug:/bin/false

I presume this is "getent passwd" on the member server... 
Does "getent passwd" on the DC work in the right manner?
> Platform is FreeBSD 10 and I'm using Samba 4.1.13.   Full smb.conf is
> bellow.  

This configuration looks OK. 
Is the nsswitch.conf also OK? 
Does wbinfo -p/u/g work?
Kerberos kinit/klist OK?
Furthermore the smb.conf on the DC: ist rfc2307 working?
Do You see the rfc2307 fake yp_server in ldb (as described in the wiki)? 

There are still a lot of questions open...

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