[Samba] 3rd-party tool for creating users as alternative to ADUC

Marc Muehlfeld mmuehlfeld at samba.org
Wed Oct 29 13:14:05 MDT 2014

Hello Mirco,

first: I don't know any alternative GUI tool for administrating AD.

The only alternative could be to have a Samba AD based distro like
Univention, that ships it's own administration tools.

Am 27.10.2014 um 23:05 schrieb ?icro MEGAS:
> 1.) When I use the template feauture (by using the "Copy..." user) command, the
> settings of the tab [Unix Attribute] cannot be copied to the new
> user created. So after I copied/created the new user, I have manually
> to open him, choose the [UNIX attribute] tab, then click on the
> "NIS-domain" field to choose/active MYDOM from the pull-down list.
> By doing so I am able to assign a uid to that user and thus
> allow my member server winbind process to enumerate
> that particular user so he is able to access shares on my member server.
> It would be really awesome if this step could be
> done magically without extra intervention.

I think there's no way with ADUC.

> 2.) Let's say I am creating the user "John Doe". During the creation
> process, in the [Profile] tab I can choose to connect the home
> share of that particular user, for example: "Connect Z:\ to
> \\membersrv1\home\%username%" after I click the [OK] or
> [Apply] button, the ADUC tool automatically is creating
> on-the-fly the directory "\\membersrv1\home\johndoe" which
> works fine. That is a neat feauture but in my opinion
> it has one big disadvantage ==> the directory .\johndoe
> on the given share is created with the owner name of the user
> that is logged-in and using the ADUC tool.

I think, this results from the ACLs you've set on the share.

Here's an example guide:

(Not tested): Additionally you will add your it-admin group with full
control or modify permissions to the security tab. Then click the
advanced button and change the permissions of that group from "This
folder, subfolders and files" to "This folder only".


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