[Samba] Samba internal DNS + 2nd DNS

Roel van Meer roel at 1afa.com
Mon Oct 27 02:44:35 MDT 2014

Greg Zartman writes:

> I'm workign to setup Samba4 and my current centos server deployment uses
> TinyDNS/DNSCache for the DNS.  Understanding that it is best to use Sambas
> internal DNS for AD, I'm wondering how others are doing DNS?  I really
> don't want to use BIND.

We're not yet in production with Samba 4, but in our test systems, we do it  
like this:

- Samba listens on localhost and the LAN interface, port 53.
- dnscache listens on port 53.
- tinydns listens on port 53.

Samba has the dnscache instance as DNS forwarder.
Additional domains can be managed either in Samba, or in tinydns.

/etc/samba/smb.conf snippet:
  interfaces =
  bind interfaces only = Yes
  hosts allow = LOCAL/unixdom
  dns forwarder =

# netstat -plunt | grep :53
tcp  0 0*  LISTEN   3974/samba
tcp  0 0*  LISTEN   3974/samba
tcp  0 0*  LISTEN   1839/dnscache
udp  0 0*           3974/samba
udp  0 0*           3974/samba
udp  0 0*           1839/dnscache
udp  0 0*           1842/tinydns



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