[Samba] Change primaryGroupID

Lars Hanke debian at lhanke.de
Sat Oct 25 15:20:20 MDT 2014

Currently, when CIFS users create files these get "Domain Users" as 
their group. I would appreciate a different group in general and yet 
another group for some selected users.

Googling until my fingers bled I learned that this group is somehow 
magically encoded in the RID 513 set as primaryGroupID for all users. 
With Samba3 there used to be commands like 'net groupmap' to list / 
modify this mapping. But these commands apparently don't work anymore in 

How do I assign / determine the RID of a group in Samba4?

And if I set this to primaryGroupID, will it be used for file creation 
via CIFS?

Are there any other side effects to consider when changing primaryGroupID?

Thanks for your help,
  - lars.

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