[Samba] Vampire

Christian Huldt christian at solvare.se
Thu Oct 23 16:18:21 MDT 2014

Marc Muehlfeld skrev 2014-10-23 19:37:
> Hello Christian,
> Am 22.10.2014 um 23:02 schrieb Christian Huldt:
>>>>> After a dozen administrators there seems to be some oddities, and
>>>>> since we started with samba4 alpha9 (I think) it may be time to go
>>>>> straight to current release.
>> Currently 4.0.5, our gpo's stopped working and the uids differ between
>> our two dcs, so I want to be able to dismiss the possibility that the
>> databases are skewed by replacing them...
> Then it's at least no more in an alpha state.
> What kind of oddities have you encountered? Maybe it's something that
> can be fixed.

GPO's stopped working, and the two dcs have different uidNumber and
gidNumber for users - and we never managed to get those consistent om
> Depending on the size of your environment (users, groups, machine
> accounts, etc.) it's worth to start from scratch.

That seems to be plan so far...

I plan to see what happens if I join a new dc and remove the old ones,
but need to have a plan B...

> For a larger
> environment, maybe we can find a way to export the majority of objects,
> provision with the old domain SID, etc. and try to import again.

It's about 100 users, if the users doesn't get the same SID they will
get new profiles (I believe, I know far to little about windows to be
responsible for a samba server...)

> I've never tried that. So I can't say, if it's working or where the
> pitfalls are. But it sounds like something interesting to try out :-)

usernames and user SIDs would be great!

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