[Samba] 4.1.11/DebianWheezyBackports vs. 4.1.12/Sernet

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Wed Oct 22 04:58:35 MDT 2014

some insight on this. 

The Pro of the sernet packages. 
More up2date atm
support by sernet of samba mailing list. 
lesser bugs, based on test i've done.

The pro of the debian packages. 
supported by debian
and samba mailing wil help if needed. 
will work with all debian packages from debian itself.
backports available if you need need higher versions of packages. 

The cons of sernet packages. 
the build of sernet is not the same as the debian packages.
not supported by debian.
not all debian packages wil match with the sernet packages. this can give conflicts. 

The cons of debian packages. 
there are 2 debian samba packages. 
samba and samba4 in wheezy. samba4 is a beta and should NOT be used, very buggy. 
	in Jessie samba4 replaced by the new samba ( 4.1.x ) 
in de backport package of samba (4.1.11) is a bug which makes that a second DC does not create it DNS records at join.

so how to use samba on debian.

base on some testing i call tell the following. 
use sernet samba for the AD DC setups. 
you can use "sernet samba" or "samba 3.6.6" or "samba backports 4.1.x" for a member server. 
if you use for example squid with samba, use the debian samba or backported samba. 

above is adviced untill debian gets 4.1.12 in backports, then the join problem should be fixed.

and maybe other have more info for this, but this is what i know.
my network setup. 
DC's are Sernet samba.
Member servers ( for file shares ) are sernet samba.
Member servers ( for auth agains for example squid/zarafa debian backported samba

There are more options, but this works ok for me. 


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>Onderwerp: [Samba] 4.1.11/DebianWheezyBackports vs. 4.1.12/Sernet
>Hi all,
>I wonder if there are any pro/cons between
>using Samba4 of Debian's official Wheezy-backports repository 
>which actually is version 4.1.11
>using Samba4 of Sernet's official repository which actually is 
>on version 4.1.12
>I understand that Sernet's package at that moment is more 
>recent, but recently I had an issue which was Debian/Samba4 
>related and unfortunately I made the experience that no help 
>was offered on freenode's irc-channel #debian to me with the 
>reason that "Sernet" is *NOT* supported. They adviced me to 
>use Debian-packages and/or use Wheezy-Backports for more 
>recent packages. I thought about if I have any 
>(dis-/)advantages when using Debian Wheezy Backports for 
>obtaining the samba4 packages in future. Are there any 
>pro/cons ? Please explain to me and what you suggest me to 
>use. Thanks a lot
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