[Samba] Samba4: Setting up share/security permissions for shares on member server

Peter Serbe peter at serbe.ch
Tue Oct 21 17:14:41 MDT 2014

?icro MEGAS schrieb am 21.10.2014 19:39:

> Then I login to a Windows XP machine that is joined to my Samba4/AD domain with
> a user that is member of the domain group "Domain Admins". I do it exactly as
> described in

You might be better off administering the domain from a Win7 Box. IIRC there 
is an issue with the XP version of ADUC. I can't administer my own domain from 
XP, but it works from the Win7 box... 

And (at least here) it only works when I log in Win7 as domain admin. Maybe You 
give it a try. 

Best regards

PS: You should stop using XP... 
PS2: Don't start using Win7 32 bit. It eats up these max. 3 GB RAM like it was nothing. :-(

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