[Samba] Samba­4: Setti­ng u­p share/­se­curity pe­rmiss­ions

?icro MEGAS micromegas at mail333.com
Tue Oct 21 13:42:19 MDT 2014

> He's still then faced with how to map the group members to root. As just shown, it's a username map, not a groupname map.

Well, as a samba-dev suggested me *NOT* to use "username map" directive in smb.conf -as this is something like a dirty hack- I decided to solve that like that:

1.) In ADUC tool, I opened the security group called "Domain Admins" and in tab [UNIX Attribute] I applied the gid=11000 to it. This results in allowing winbind of my member server to have that group displayed correctly.

2.) I then do a "chmod 0775 /srv/samba4_data/myshare" and "chgrp 'Domain Admins' /srv/samba4_data/myshare" which as result will give full access to the members of the group "MYDOM\Domain Admins".


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