[Samba] samaba 4 vs active directory

Ahmed Khalil Ahmed.Khalil at summit-mea.com
Mon Oct 20 17:28:20 MDT 2014

Hello Marc;
Thanks a lot for your replay and sorry for delayed response 
I really found below comparison on samba 4 wiki but I can see that it was not updated if you can just check below link and tell me if there is update for comparison in the link or not 
Thanks in advance

Kind regards,
Ahmed Hassanean Khalil
Customer Service Engineer
Summit Technology Solutions

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Hello Ahmed,

Am 13.10.2014 um 19:51 schrieb Ahmed Khalil:
> I am very interested for samba 4 news and want to run it in production 
> environment to replace active directory But first I appreciate if you 
> could help me to get comparison between active directory feature and 
> samba feature that working correctly I mean if I go to samba which 
> feature may I lose or still have bugs

There's no feature comparisation list or something like that.

Many things are working great and it really depents on the features you expect from an AD forest. The easiest is, if you would tell us your requirements and we can say if it's working or what the current state of the feature is.


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