[Samba] Samba member server behavior if WAN down ?

mots nibutif at gmail.com
Tue Oct 21 01:33:59 MDT 2014


That's where RODC's would be useful, but samba hasn't fully implemented
this yet.

Maybe there's some other way, but I wouldn't know.

Kind regards,


Am 21.10.2014 um 08:43 schrieb Le Duf' aKa DemY:
> Hello,
> we are trying to use samba 3.6 over a big network with multiple xdsl
> link (512Kbit to 10 Mbits not symetric).
> We have a main site with two domain controlers (Windows 2k8 R2) and
> about one hundred middle sites with samba member servers.
> We have a big issue with Active Directory (AD) ACL which disapear when
> member server  (powered by samba and winbind)
> can't discuss (for network resaon : i.e. link is down for 10 mn) with
> ADC (Domain controler) which is located on main site.
> Is this a known issue of samba/winbind ?
> How can we fix this issue.
> Thank you for your support.

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