[Samba] Problem to demote samba4 dc

Adam Tauno Williams awilliam at whitemice.org
Fri Oct 17 09:21:18 MDT 2014

>> ERROR: Current DC is still the owner of 2 role(s), use the role
>> command to transfer roles to another DC
>> When check the fsmo roles status via "samba-tool fsmo show" it
>> confirms that the Samba 4 DC doesn't own anything. 
> I'm experiencing the same. Did you find a solution?

As am I.  I have added newer Samba DCs and want to kick off the old
orignal DC.  But I cannot as it still holds those two mystery roles.
All normal FSMO roles have been transfered to another DC

I believe it relates to the use of 'internal' DNS, I have found other
messages relating to that.  But never a solution.

I guess I will try the forcibly-remove VBS.

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