[Samba] DNS Issues when joining a Domain as a DC

Thomas Kempf listen at hueper.de
Thu Oct 16 03:35:10 MDT 2014

yesterday i tried to join a domain as a DC with bind9 as dns-backend on 
Debian Wheezy with samba 4.1.11 from backports. I followed the tutorial 
in the wiki https://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Join_a_domain_as_a_DC but 
didn' find the instruction completely clear, so perhaps i made a mistake 
during the join.
It is written there:
"If you choose BIND as DNS backend, instead of the internal DNS, then 
you, of course, have to finish this before you continue"
I could not figure out how to finish configuring bind as a backend, when 
the keytab file and the other bind-related files get created after 
joining the domain.
So i ran the join command first, and with the files created in this 
step, i was able to get the DC up and running...
I had to manually create the A and CNAME records on the old DC like it 
is written in the wiki in the part "Check required DNS entries of the 
new host". my guess was, that those entries should be replicated later 
on to the new DC seems not to work.
When i check the name resolving of the A record on the newly joined DC 
it does not resolve whereas on the old one it works fine.

AD-Domain is ad.hueper.de
old DC is dns2.ad.hueper.de
new DC is dns1.ad.hueper.de

dns1:~# host -t A dns1.ad.hueper.de dns2.ad.hueper.de
Using domain server:
Name: dns2.ad.hueper.de

dns1.ad.hueper.de has address

dns1:~# host -t A dns1.ad.hueper.de dns1.ad.hueper.de
Using domain server:
Name: dns1.ad.hueper.de

Host dns1.ad.hueper.de not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)

When i look at the servers using RSAT DNS-Manager i can see the A-Record 
on both DNS-Servers, so i wonder why doesn't it resolve on the new DC ?
Is it save to delete the A and CNAME Records and recreate them using RSAT ?

kind regards

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