[Samba] "smb2 max credits" - smb2_validate_message_id

Leander Schäfer info at netocean.de
Mon Oct 13 13:18:01 MDT 2014


I just got this message below. I wonder wheter there is something to 
worry?! I figured that there is a "smb2 max credits" configuration 
parameter - its default is 8192. The documentation also says "You should 
never need to set this parameter."

System Events
Oct 10 18:18:34 Storage-01 smbd[13795]: [2014/10/10 18:18:34.713618,  0] 
Oct 10 18:18:34 Storage-01 smbd[13795]:   smb2_validate_message_id: 
client used more credits than granted, mid 5, charge 1, credits_granted 
0, seqnum low/range: 5/0

Best Regards

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