[Samba] Password setup issues

Izan Díez Sánchez ids at empre.es
Thu Oct 9 00:33:40 MDT 2014

We made use of "passwd program" which worked fine in samba3 to make our 
own password processing/validation. Nothing to do with authentication 
via samba.


El 08/10/2014 13:58, Rowland Penny escribió:
> On 08/10/14 12:28, Izan Díez Sánchez wrote:
>> Reopening an old question that wasn't answered (as far as I know)
>> How do you retrieve a plaintext password from the 
>> "supplementalCredentials" field when "store-plaintext-password" is used?
>> Another question I've been looking for but didn't found any clear 
>> answer. Is "passwd program" parameter intended to be 
>> implemented/supported for samba4 DC in the near future?
>> I'm struggling to get the same samba setup as I have in previous 
>> versions.
> Hi, it will definitely help if you tell us how your previous samba 
> version was setup and if you are trying to get other programs to 
> authenticate via samba and if so, what.
> Rowland
>> Thank you,
>> Izan

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