[Samba] Samba4 Exporting a DER

Neil nwilson123 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 8 02:25:56 MDT 2014

Hi guys,

I know this is a bit off topic, but I'm trying to install a Zimbra
password extension so that users who aren't joined to my Samba4 domain
have a method to reset their passwords via the Zimbra Webmail and part
of the setup requires the exporting of the domain controller DER.

These are the instructions...

As root, create the /opt/zimbra/lib/ext/adpassword directory
As root, copy adPassword.jar into /opt/zimbra/lib/ext/adpassword/
As root, import the DER domain controller certificate into the trusted
Restart Zimbra

Configure authentication settings for your domain

Open the Zimbra Administration console
Select External LDAP as authentication mechanism
Type the LDAP URL and check Use SSL
Type samaccountname=%u in the LDAP filter field
Specify cn=users,dc=SERVER,dc=EXT in the LDAP search base field
Check Use DN/Password to bind to external server
Enter the Bind DN cn=Administrator,cn=users,dc=SERVER,dc=EXT and its password
If Test past, click Finish
Assign the new change password listener ADPassword

This is the full URL to the extension...

Does anyone know how to export the DER from a Samba4 domain
controller? I can't seem to find much info at all about this.



Neil Wilson.

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