[Samba] migration from samba3 -> 4 architecture goal question

Helmut Hullen Hullen at t-online.de
Tue Oct 7 02:35:00 MDT 2014

Hallo, Karel,

Du meintest am 07.10.14:

>> If you go Samba4 you go ADS.
>> And meanwhile --I had a similar environment like yours--- I do not
>> want to go back again.
>> Samba4 serves as auth principal for my centos servers, dovecot imap,
>> all windows servers and clients without any issue.
>> With SOGo/Openchange  another open source software I reach a
>> exchange like environment for the outlook clients.

> So no regrets going AD?
> As i explained, even if i decide 'jump this bandwagon' too, i could
> do it in like 8-10 months timeframe.

> Do you think it makes sense to update to Samba4 classic in meantime,
> while i wait for new Hardware for new serverroom and wait for RHEL
> (CentOS) 7.1 (7.2)?

That (running samba4 in a samba3 manner) works in my (small) LAN since  
more than 1 year. "security = user".
Nearly no change in the "smb.conf". No change in the sysvinit start- 
stop-script (Slackware).
Changes in smb.conf:

        registry shares = yes
        deadtime        = 90

Maybe both changes are not necessary for running samba4 in samba3 mode.

Maybe you need

        Lanman Auth        = yes
        client lanman auth = yes
        ntlm auth          = yes
        client ntlmv2 auth = yes
        max protocol       = smb2

These 5 options are included in my smb.conf since 2010 (and longer  

Please excuse my gerlish.

Viele Gruesse!

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