[Samba] New group membership not taken into account on member servers

Sébastien Le Ray sebastien-samba at orniz.org
Sun Oct 5 11:07:48 MDT 2014

Where can I send you beer?
Is this some "known issue"? I'll try to see on #samba-technical if some 
samba dev is interested in it. It seems that the netsamlogon_cache gets 
in some state where it is not updated anymore. But maybe I'm missing 
something on my side.
Is sssd more reliable since it relies on LDAP only and not AD internals?


Le 05/10/2014 16:56, Hans-Kristian Bakke a écrit :
> When I get issues like that (membership correctly displayed with
> getent group, but not in groups <user>), I usually have to delete the
> netsamlogon_cache.tdb (I could just delete the user in question to
> force refresh to avoid restarting winbind, but that is more of an
> hassle)
> service winbind stop
> rm /var/cache/samba/netsamlogon_cache.tdb
> service winbind start
> It doesn't really help to login again to refresh the users group
> membership. It seems to be stuck, even for days, until I do this.
> Hans-Kristian

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