[Samba] Strange KVNO updating

Bruno MACADRÉ bruno.macadre at univ-rouen.fr
Wed Oct 1 00:12:20 MDT 2014


     I'm working in an educational environment so I've some obligations 
that complicate my work. For example in all rooms of practical class all 
the workstations are in dual boot (Win7 + XUbuntu 14.04). I've tried 2 
solutions :

         1- Setting the same hostname to both OS, joigning Win7 to AD 
and using the created (by joining) keytab on linux side for sssd.

         2- Setting different hostname to both OS, joigning Win7 to AD 
and joigning linux to AD, using winbind for users and groups.

     I've chosen the first one (may be it's not the better choice....), 
but actually I'm facing a strange problem... some times my keytab on the 
Samba4 server is updated (KVNO incremented) without any human 
intervention.... so my sssd on linux side can't speak with the server 

     Is anybody know why a keytab can change internaly ?

     Can Win7 change keytab (refresh or modify or anything else) when 
any user using it ?

     I just want to understand why I have to upload new keytab on linux 
side frequently ?

     I know this problem isn't really a samba problem, but I hope that 
somebody on this list knows this behaviour...

     Thanks by advance,
     Best regards,


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