[Samba] Sharing a directory owned by root

Chris Stankevitz chrisstankevitz at gmail.com
Sun Nov 30 10:47:49 MST 2014


Question: Is it possible for samba to share the "foo" directory to
guests read-only?

/mnt/vol0/public/foo root:wheel 555
/mnt/vol0/public/foo/bar1 guest:guest 777
/mnt/vol0/public/foo/bar2 guest:guest 777
/mnt/vol0/public/foo/bar3 guest:guest 777


a) No, this is impossible because foo is owned by "root", yet you want
the share visible to "guest"

b) Yes, this is possible because foo has global read permission

c) [your answer here]

FYI in my application "foo" is actually a .zfs/snapshot and "bar" are
the individual snapshots.

Thank you,


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