[Samba] Samba error - Error: 0x80090345

Allen Chen achen at harbourfrontcentre.com
Fri Nov 28 10:17:15 MST 2014

On 11/28/2014 10:45 AM, Ken Bass wrote:
> On 11/28/2014 10:28 AM, Rowland Penny wrote:
>> I think that you may be hitting a windows problem, see here:
>> http://stackoverflow.com/questions/25571817/msi-error-the-computer-must-be-trusted-for-delegation-caused-by-kb2918614 
>> Rowland
> Hi Rowland, I had come across that post in my searching. I did try 
> uninstalling that particular update/patch yesterday but it made no 
> difference. I also tried applying
> Hotfix KB3000988, but the installer said it doesn't apply to my system.
I have a similar situation related to the "Domain Admins" group.
If a user is in the "Domain Admins" group, then he couldn't start a 
windows app.
If I remove the user from "Domain Admins" group, also restart the 
computer, then he can start the app.
You can try this.
I think it related the permission on the app over network path(UNC), or 
something else like UAC.


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