[Samba] protocol SMB2 prevents start of program?

Klaus Hartnegg hartnegg at uni-freiburg.de
Fri Nov 28 07:23:54 MST 2014


An ancient program cannot be started when stored on a Samba share!?!
It does run from local disk, and from a shared directory of Win7,
but not when it is read from a Samba share. Except when I try
in Windows-XP, then it can be run from the Samba share.
It only fails in the combination client=Win7 and host=Samba.

This lead me to test the option
    server max protocol = NT1
and indeed then it works.

How can smb protocol cause that a program cannot be started ?
But why does it work from a shared directory of Win-7 ?
Does Windows 7 as "server" not use SMB2 ?

The details are a bit more complicated.
These are actually two 16bit programs, one starts the other.
In WinXP the second program can also be run separately.
In Win7 this causes a popup "is not a valid Win32 application",
but when run from the first program it does work in Win7. Uh?
Except when it is stored on a Samba share with SMB2, then the
first program aborts with "EXEC error".

The file contents are correct.
Compatibility settings of Windows 7 do not help.
Samba is 4.1.12 running as standalone PDC.

Is there anything else that I could try,
or do I just have to stay on protocol NT1
as long as we still use this old software?


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