[Samba] Can windows clients get kerberos tickets from samba3 PDC?

Tiit Kaeeli kaeeli at quretec.com
Wed Nov 26 03:58:47 MST 2014


Is it possible for windows clients to authenticate against kerberos 
and receive tickets from a Samba3 PDC, when kerberos server is MIT 
kerberos running on a Linux server, not a Windows AD server?

Suggests that this may be possible and I can succesfully authenticate with 
smbclient -k. But windows users do not receive tickets on domain login. At 
least kerbtray from Windows server 2003 resource kit tools do not show 
them on windows7 client.

I have not found a definitive statement that it is not possible, nor 
any more detailed documentation on how this can be done.

So can this be done or not?

Where to find documentation?
How to get more detailed logging and find out why it is not working?

Can this be done with samba4 with external MIT kerberos?


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