[Samba] User's DPAPI/backupkey protected data lost when changing domain password

Roberto Suárez Soto robe at allenta.com
Mon Nov 24 03:35:35 MST 2014

El 10/11/14 a las 15:48, William Ross escribió:
> After a user changes their password (CTRL-ALT-DEL) in our Samba 4 domain
> (4.1.12) they lose access to any stored passwords on their Windows PC.

     This happens to us too, using Sernet Samba 4.1.13. I've seen 
there's a patch to address this issue for Univention Corporate Server, 
which bundles Samba 4:


     Would this be applicable to "vanilla" Samba 4?

     Thanks in advance,

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