[Samba] Mac OS Mavericks über slow

Roel van Meer roel at 1afa.com
Mon Nov 24 01:52:51 MST 2014

Ralph Böhme writes:

> > >Samba 4.2 will ship a new VFS module that addresses this:
> > >vfs_fruit. It stacks with vfs_streams_xattr but takes care of the
> > >resource fork stream itself (on Linux: by saving it to a ._
> > >AppleDouble file).
> >
> > I can confirm that with Samba 4.2.0rc2, with vfs_streams_xattr
> > and vfs_fruit the time it takes to list a shared dir
> > with ~8000 files in it drops from 3m25s to 23s.
> > Tested with OSX 10.9.5.
> >
> > This is great, thanks a lot!
> thanks for testing and sharing your findings! :)
> And this is just the beginning, once we have my AAPL patches in Samba,
> this should go down to a just few seconds.

I also tested 4.2.0rc2 with your aapl patches. The time it takes in a  
Terminal to do "ls -l" on the mounted volume doesn't change, but the time it  
takes to list the directory contents in the Finder goes down from about 15  
seconds to around 7 seconds. This is really great! Christmas has come early  
this year :)



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