[Samba] accessing samba share from windows client using a windows 2012 R2 as KDC and PDC server.

avinesh saini avinesh.saini at gmail.com
Mon Nov 24 00:29:38 MST 2014

I have configured windows 2012 R2 as PDC and KDC and added windows 7/vista
clients in that Domain. Now I need to access HPUX samba share (which is
able to get krbtgt tickets from KDC, confirmed by kinit) from windows 7
client using kerberos authentication method. So when I am trying to access
the share I need to provide the PDC user's credentials(and same user must
be added on samba using pdbedit) everytime. is this behaviour normal?

set up is as in this image :

Avinesh Kumar
Email: avinesh.saini at gmail.com
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