[Samba] Tunning samba for better read performance

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Wed Nov 19 02:09:44 MST 2014

What mainboard is this? aka a bit more info on the hardware.
It is a nas mainboard or something like that. 

Im getting 115Mb/s read and write  from a windows 7. 
( asrock E350 AMD board ) 

1Gb interface does not mean it can reach the max speed, cpu is also important in this, 
so for that we need more hardware info.

I did a few of these : 
1 is the most important. 
2 stops auto update, so dont do that.
3) possible, what you want. 
4) not really needed.
5) what you want.
6) This can be a point to check, make sure you have the latest NIC drivers. 

and no changes at samba side for me. ( only the defaults from install ) 

I get these speeds with : ( tested, and what is see in windows ) 
samba 3.6.6 ( Debian samba ) stand server		115MB/s 
samba 4.1.6 ( Ubuntu samba ) stand server 	108MB/s 
samba 4.1.13 ( Ubuntu sernet samba ) AD DC server	112MB/s


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>Onderwerp: [Samba] Tunning samba for better read performance
>I'm running samba server on board and client is windows 7.
>I did below steps for performance tests.
>+ format /dev/sda1 with ext4
>+ mount the drive in server as mentioned in [media] path of 
>+ created a root password
>    $ smbpasswd -a root
>+ 1Gb ethernet interface from board.
>+ map the driver in windows
>+ did a 4gb robocopy
>+ read got 13MBps and write got 105MBps
>Could any one suggest me any inputs why read got too slow, do 
>I need to look
>at any config options in /etc/samba/smb.conf
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