[Samba] samba4 4.1 wiki/explanation: dcerpc endpoint servers

Rowland Penny rowlandpenny at googlemail.com
Tue Nov 18 14:28:32 MST 2014

On 18/11/14 21:20, Klaus Hartnegg wrote:
> On 18.11.2014 21:34, Rowland Penny wrote:
>> I thought it was a good
>> idea to add the note to the '--server-role' parameter.
> Why does 'provision' even accept different values for the option 
> 'server-role', if that only causes problems.
I think that the 'provision' python scripts were written with the 
intention that samba4 would be able to provision everything, but the 
samba4 code hasn't got there yet :-)
> The command "samba-tool domain provision --help" claims that it can be 
> used for member and standalone servers.

Yes, I know and I am fairly sure that a few people have tried to 
provision a member server by following the AD DC howto, that is why I 
added the info to that page.

> And btw. this was one of the few items on my suggested "README FIRST" 
> webpage.
Have you got any notes on this "README FIRST" page and if you have, do 
you want to share them ?


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