[Samba] Change Objects on 2 DCs without connection

Stefan Kania stefan at kania-online.de
Tue Nov 18 14:03:59 MST 2014

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Hi Rowland,

I hop it will work this way. I think I will try it.


Am 18.11.14 um 19:32 schrieb Rowland Penny:
> On 18/11/14 18:06, Stefan Kania wrote: Hello,
> I like to know what will happend if: - one Domain with 2 DCs - two
> Admins working on their Windows-ws with RSAT. - Admin1 is connected
> to DC1 - Admin2 is connected to DC2 - Admin1 creats a user "u1" and
> a group "g1" - then the two DCs will lose connection, the user and
> group is replicated to DC2
> - now Admin1 makes "u1" a member of "g1" - and Admin2 creats a
> group "g2" - Admin2 makes "u1" a member of "g2" - Admin2 now
> deletes group "g1" because for him the group is empty - NOW the
> connection between the two DCs is coming back online.
> Now my question. What will be the status of "u1", "g1" and "g2"
> I hope the database will be still in sync :-)
> Regards
> Stefan
> No idea really but I think that "g2" will replicate to DC1,
> replication will try to delete "g1" on DC1 and fail because it has
> a member. DC1 will replicate "g1" and its member to DC2. It will
> end with "u1", "g1" and "g2" existing on both servers.
> Rowland

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