[Samba] Connecting to guest shares on an ADDC Server

John Cobley john.cobley-samba at comtek.co.uk
Mon Nov 17 07:55:08 MST 2014

Hi All,

Hopefully someone can help here.

I'm being asked for user name and password when I try to connect 
directly to the share from computers that are not on the managed domain.

My config (the relevant parts) -
> [global]
>         server role = active directory domain controller
>         map to guest = Bad User
>         map untrusted to domain = yes
>         security = user
>         guest account = nobody
> [admin]
>         path = /afs/comtek.co.uk/admin
>         read only = yes
>         comment = Read only access to AFS admin directory
>         #nt acl support = yes
>         force user = root
>         guest ok = yes
>         browsable = yes
>         guest only = yes
If I run "smbclient //empire.chester-dc.comtek.co.uk/admin -Udsfsdf" on 
a server that is also not on the domain it asks me for the password, I 
hit enter and I get "Anonymous login successful" and I'm able to browse 
the directory.

I'm using 4.1.11-Debian if it helps.

Anyone got any ideas?



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