[Samba] issue with allow insecure wide links

Erik Hvatum ice.rikh at gmail.com
Fri Nov 14 13:59:38 MST 2014

avh <art <at> lsr.nei.nih.gov> writes:

> I realize the security implications of wide links together with unix
> extensions.  But the doc says that for those who want to do this setting the
> "allow insecure wide links" will permit it.  However I found that Samba 3.6
> on RHEL 6.5 does recognize this parameter but it has no effect.  

This old message happened to be the second search result returned by Google
for "allow insecure wide links samba no effect"; I hope this reply proves as
easy to find.

In addition to enabling "allow insecure wide links" in global settings, you
must also apply "wide links = yes" and "unix extensions = yes" to the shares
with exterior links that you want to be followable.  This part be may done
on a per share basis - or globally, in which case you might consider
specifically setting "wide links = no" or "unix extensions = no" for [homes].

-Erik Hvatum

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