[Samba] Missing entries in idmap.ldb

Marc Muehlfeld mmuehlfeld at samba.org
Fri Nov 14 11:36:16 MST 2014

Am 14.11.2014 um 19:23 schrieb Rowland Penny:
> Hi, I think the OP is having a problem he isn't telling us and he is
> trying to find a reason for it.

We need to have a form for posting new questions to the list:
- Samba version
- Kind of installation (PDC, Member, DC)
- Error message(s)
- Detailed problem description
- Steps to reproduce
- ...
- Is the computer powered on ;-)

> I do not think that it is anything to do
> with idmap.ldb, I have users that do not appear in idmap.ldb and do
> not have any problems.

I think the same. I guess he is just searching on the wrong place. AD
users/groups are not stored in idmap.ldb. It contains the mappings for
built-in groups
The local copy of the AD is in sam.ldb.

But without knowing the problem, everything is just guessing.


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